Wednesday, 25 July 2018


As I mentioned in my last post I had just signed with a new agent.  I met Yasmin Kane of The Standen Literary Agency during a one to one session at The Winchester Writers' Festival.  As soon as the Festival was over I sent her the full m/s of A Boy Like Me and within a couple of days she got back to me saying how much she loved the book and would I sign with her.  I signed up the following day and after fixing a few edits and typos she had sent it out to publishers and co-agents.  So now I am in the writers' limbo of WAITING.  Something there is rather a lot of in the publishing industry for obvious reasons.  It is also holiday season which will slow things down even more so I have decided to start on a major re-write of a YA novel I finished a couple of years ago.  I am not a naturally patient individual so this is an ideal project to keep me focused!

Cheese Boy was a reasonable story, but not a great story.  It needed something stronger running through it, so has been sitting in the background waiting for some inspiration. A couple of months ago I had an idea and now is the time to undertake the rewrite.  It is proving harder than I anticipated but having deleted huge parts of it I am now concentrating on getting the story down.  Once I am happy with that I plan on going back through it in more detail using some extremely useful plot advice that Patrice Lawrence shared at the Winchester workshop I attended in June (Janice Hardy's Fiction University online http:/  I shall definitely be referring to this as I go through and edit.

I will keep you posted on any news on the publishing front.  I have been in this situation before and come really close so am hoping that now is the right time for my book to find the right home.  In the meantime I will be plodding on with the re-write of Cheese Boy and posting the odd tweet.

Have a wonderful summer!



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