Sunday 28 June 2020


   Earlier this year I submitted Cheese Boy, one of my YA books, to the Write Mentor Summer Programme hoping to bag myself a mentor. I was delighted when it was picked by Anna Britton (@BrittonBookGeek).
   I'm currently halfway through the process and it's been amazing! After a zoom chat with Anna about my book, and then an email with her feedback, I've been working really hard on it. All the changes Anna suggested made sense and after that initial chat I could see how she saw the story taking shape. It has been invaluable having a fellow writer who reads a lot of YA and has a good eye for picking up on what works and what doesn't championing your story.
   I pretty much re-wrote the entire manuscript although the main story and original characters haven't changed. It's been a huge learning curve realising how a new character and a new thread have that butterfly effect through the whole story. But it's been worth the stress and the initial anxiety that I might not be able to do it. The book is in much better shape and it feels like the new character has always been there.
   The re-write is done. I've edited and micro edited and handed it backover over to Anna. We've another zoom chat arranged before she reads the new manuscript. After that there will no doubt be things to address but fingers crossed the bulk of the work is now done.
    There's an agent showcase organised for early September when mentees put forward their opening page (yes, just one page!) plus query letter and synopsis.
   A few images to give you a sneak peak at the story.  

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