Thursday 19 January 2017


I had some amazing news from my equally amazing agent last week.  She sent Bird Girl to a U.S. agent who read it, loves it and wants to represent it over there.

While I am waiting to hear whether any publishers are interested in Bird Girl I have done an edit of Cheeses Boy my second YA novel.  I am also putting together some ideas for a new novel.  Seems very strange creating new characters.  I have come up with names but it will be a while before they start taking shape and become 'real'.  



  1. Hi Debbie, I was visiting a friend today (Kim) and she mentioned you!!!! She told me that you were aiming to crack the US market and I said that you must have found yourself an agent and so you have! Congratulations. Great to see you and still writing and that you are doing so well.

  2. Hi Kate. Small world - fancy Kim knowing us both. Yes, I am at a really exciting but equally stressful point in my writing venture atm. Just sitting it out waiting to hear back from either agent if a publisher is interested in Bird Girl. Will keep you posted. How is your writing going after having a book published?


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