Wednesday 24 February 2016


The Day Book

I have always been a keen writer but just over a year and a half ago I decided it was time to take this writing hobby of mine more seriously.  It was almost a month before I came up with a concept but after that the story quickly started to take shape.  

When I had completed 'The Day Book' I submitted to a couple of agents and publishers.  I was delighted to hear back from both publishers and one of the agents.  They didn't think the book was quite there yet but liked both the protagonist's voice and the concept.  I was advised that, with some editing, the book would suit the Young Adult market.  

Great advice as this pushed me toward a genre that I am very comfortable writing for as I work with young people in a special needs school.

The Day Book has undergone a third edit and although it hasn't yet been picked up for publication I have my fingers firmly crossed. 


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