Monday 25 June 2018



I attended the Winchester Writers' Festival earlier this month having missed the previous year.  It was every bit as wonderful and helpful as I remembered.  I had a full day's workshop on writing YA fiction with Patrice Lawrence which had some gems of information I shall be using to structure my own work.  I also went on a How to Write a Killer Opening session which, again, was full of really useful tips.  Patrick Gale gave the keynote speech which was interesting, funny and thought-provoking.  Always great to hear published authors' experiences. I had four one-to-one agent appointments regarding my new YA novel.  All of them were very positive.  Two of them were so enthusiastic I spent the rest of the Festival with  huge grin on my face. Just one week later I have signed with one of them and am currently looking forward to working with her.  I will keep you posted.

So, all very positive on the writing front.  Again, I can't express how invaluable Literary Festivals are to writers.  If you meet with an agent you get the opportunity to sense how they feel about your work and their feedback is extremely helpful even if they don't go on to represent you.  I have also made some great 'writing' friends which is a lovely bonus.

The Year Ten creative writing project I am doing et at Stourhead is going well.  This morning I was blown away by a story idea one of the students came up with.  I can't wait to read the finished version!



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